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Randy Lewis had to petition his way into the 1984 Olympic Games, and walked away with the gold medal. I met Lewis a couple of times, but never got to know him extremely well, but style-wise he is similar to me in that he is a bit crazy with his risks but seems to pull it out. This match is incredible! At times Lewis is thrown to his back and others he totally dominates. Fun to watch, unless you are his mother :)

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3 olympic gold medals between these two legends Randy LewBoo (TGO) Lewis defeats John Smith in Topeka, Kansas in 1988 Olympic Team Trials Qualifier. The Great One came out on top 7-5 or 7-6? These were better times for USA Wrestling The Great One aka: TGO came out of retirement for this 'come back' in 1988. TGO has since gone on to be (among other things) International Head of Sales for and spokesperson / personality for ShamWow!

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Randy Lewis USA vs Viktor Alexeev USSR (62 kg/136.5 lbs.) 1980 Rapid City, South Dakota USA vs USSR Dual Meet TGO went on to win the Gold Medal in the 1984 LA Games USSR hammer Viktor Alexeev went on to win Gold Medals at the 1983 & 1985 World Championships Many argue that this fateful day is when the young man named Randy Lewis from South Dakota became 'The Great One'. Check out the watershedTGO moment with the kid from South Dakota PINS his Cold War foe in front of partisan crowd!!!! The BIRTH of The Great One.

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Here is The Great One again showing us why he is TGO. In this 68 kg bout at the 1991 USA vs USSR Dual in Lacrosse, Wisconsin 1984 Olympic Champion Randy LewBoo/TGO Lewis tosses 1989 World Champion Boris Budaev of the Soviet Union around for a while before disposing of him in a brutal headlock. Nobody does it like TGO - before or after!

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In a world where those with mental and physical disabilities are seen as “disabled,” what would it take to not only have those individuals contribute, but to also give them the same expectations, goals, and work at the same wage as those without disabilities? Can we actually design a system so creative that we can demand the same results from those with disabilities as those without disabilities? What could that system possibly look like and could it actually create value for a company? A disability employment advocate, Randy Lewis joined Walgreens in 1992 as a divisional vice president in logistics and planning. Living within the world where technology and creativity combine, Randy designed and opened the the first distribution facility of its kind to employ a significant number of people with disabilities (more than 40% of the workforce has a cognitive or physical disability.) Drawing inspiration from his autistic son, Randy has become a speaker and author on the topics of incorporating those with disabilities into the workforce, receiving numerous awards for his volunteer work and advocacy. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


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